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Living the Dream, or Was It A Nightmare?

Writing Tips You Don’t Want To Learn the Hard Way

Becoming a published author is a dream many aspire to. Somewhere, I don’t recall exactly, I had read a comment that noted, “out of all the people who want to write a book, usually 10% of them actually complete it, out of those 10 % of people, only another 10% actually get published.”

In the modern world of epublishing, I’m not entirely sure these statistics hold true anymore. Small press are bountiful and able to publish many more new authors and stories at a fraction of the cost. This is because eBooks are a fast sell, and there is no cost of going to print, in most cases, leaving lower overhead than the big publishing houses that maintain print books as their bread and butter.

People often ask about my journey to becoming a multi-published author, I share what I can, happy to pass my newly acquired knowledge to others on the path to joy and success. For four years of my life as a published author, there was a lingering negativity that spoiled the fantasy and slammed the reality of my dream in my face.

I am happy to say; I am now free from the tyranny, and so pleased to be with my current publisher. They are professional, supportive, encouraging and sleeves rolled up—completely involved with every one of their authors, helping them work  as a group and individually toward success in reaching their target audience for reading. They are the cheerleaders that keep us going.

I will take a step back, to speak about my experience, in hopes that future aspiring authors, and those still caught in the clutches of greed and gluttony will find the courage to take the longer path to true achievement. I hope they don’t fall for the short, easy road paved with empty promises of grandeur, like I did, where some less reputable publishers feed off the hard work of others.

When I had an editor of a publishing house contact me directly, asking me to sign with them, they loved my writing, I was ecstatic… (& completely blindsided.) In retrospect, how in the hell would they have known how my writing was? I wasn't published yet. Based on a blurb on my website, my amateur, neophyte website that couldn't even compare to the professional authors who knew what they were doing? Gullibility won that round. It wasn't before long, I was published with two books, and working on more. Sounds like a happy story, right? I thought so too.

As time passed by, and I didn't earn a single penny, I got discouraged, after all, I was working hard, I was published, so why aren't I making tons of cash? Self-promotion was not a skill I had acquired yet, but neither was interpreting fictional royalty statements that didn't add up. In fact, rather than getting paid for my sales, it cost me money to get published! For a round of media this publisher had arranged, I traveled and incurred a great deal of cost for a signing that got cancelled without notice. Now stuck with an unproductive trip, instead of earning cash from sales at the signing like I was promised; I owed money for the print books that were ordered for this event.

Looking back, there were a lot of things I didn't take the proper time to learn, signs I should have noticed. I did take some online advice, and joined my local RWA chapter, which was the best thing I did for myself. Connecting with a group of gifted, supportive writers, I did learn a great deal.

A big part of my new found education made me face the truth that I really had very little knowledge, in fact no experience and I seriously needed to work on developing my craft. AFTER I was published, I discovered the world of online writers groups, supportive colleagues, and I realized what an amazing phenomenon the writing community truly is.
At first, I had convinced myself, to stay away, for fear of retribution, competition, that sort of ridiculous assumption about other authors vying for fame and fortune. Then, I was introduced to a few incredible people at a writer’s convention that showed me the meaning of solidarity, team work, and professional respect, what a real publisher is supposed to be like. There, among the thousands of published and would-be writers, I had the chance to interact with a group of people that were enthusiastic and enjoyed their publisher…. “What? Authors aren't supposed to be repressed, broke and miserable? You’re kidding, right?”

Flash forward, to just a few months ago. My contract for my first series, the two books, expired after three years. Other authors were pulling out, left right and center  facing the wrath of the would-be queen who threatened anyone who left for another publisher, any who dare even submit to another, let alone consider self-publishing.

Those of us who sought asylum in the arms of legitimate publishers, kept quiet for fear of the vicious backlash for straying. We were subjected to volatile rants, slamming and insulting writers, demanding more books be submitted, emotional manipulation of; “you should be grateful for all I've done for you,” and promises of ruining any future they had in publishing if they didn't buckle under the empty threats of lawsuits.

Of course, there was the infamous catch phrase always spewed in rage, beit by phone, online, in writer’s loops and emails, but there is no place here for such vulgar rudeness. Those who have experienced the fury, know full well the offensive title that was consistently assigned to anyone who had the audacity to say “no” to the ongoing ridiculous demands. “You want your royalties? You want your statements? Signed contracts? Your books aren't selling and you want them back? Who the hell do you think you are?”

I decided to stay under the radar. After all, these other people were cast out to the dark side; they must have done something wrong, right? Uh, no, as fate would have it, I finally took the blinders off and started to tune in to the truth, the multiple, common complaints, the frustration and resentment many endured. The hardships cast upon them for trying to take back the books that were rightfully theirs. I even waited an extra year, thinking, if I don’t join the bandwagon, I should be able to leave quietly without the hostility.

Wrong again. In accordance with my contract, I followed it to the T. Went through the legal mumbo jumbo and sent my required notice, highlighting the 90th consecutive day my rights would be returned and my books would be removed from this toxic publishing site, and from all other third parties they were collecting money from. From all the sales, I never saw a single penny. Apparently, over the course of four years, and two books, royalty statements, or rather, fictional spreadsheets indicated I had not made enough sales to pay off the small sum of $125.00 for print books! Four years!

Shift forward to yesterday, I held true to my word, sent in writing by registered mail. These words of rescission I damn well know were received and as with every other author, went unacknowledged. I took action and had my books removed from all third party sites and advised my next course of legal action, should they choose to continue holding my two books hostage, books that were reported, NEVER made a profit!

I know many of my fellow authors are still hanging in there, hoping the same thing, wait out the contract, maybe it won’t be so bad if I don’t draw any attention to myself, keep everything just the perfect, and maybe I can avoid the verbal beating from the violent mood swings bestowed upon the masses. Does this sound vaguely familiar? I found this mindset I adopted, was similar to that of an abused person. Placate the abuser, do everything in your power to please them...Does it really make a difference? Sure it does, it weakens us, and it diminishes our self-esteem, our confidence, and reinforces the incorrect assumption that we deserve the way we are being mistreated.

Alas, many more authors have left and fought to get back their books, and won. Most of us will never see a penny from this unscrupulous, literary succubus, and the tyranny was not limited to authors, but cover artists, editors, anyone who caught onto the ruthless, unethical and inconceivable business practices that persisted.

Needless to say, my books are down, they are mine once again. You might still be wondering what this lengthy rant is really about? I was fortunate to have the support of many former authors who battled their way to freedom, I benefited from their experience, their shoulders and their encouragement. A particular author, the first to hear my glorious news, asked why, after posting my public declaration of taking my rights back, why would I not offer a warning to others? She’s right.

Rather than stooping to the tempting level of revealing this tyrant of a self-proclaimed publisher, I decided to take the high road, and share my journey with others, without name dropping and without personal attacks, but rather with a forewarning and links to resources that had I known before I signed on, could have avoided four years of headaches and nightmares.

One of the best information sites I am familiar with and can point any upcoming or current author to is Predators and Editors. It holds endless tidbits of information, including warnings or endorsements about known publishers, agents, editors and so forth. They also post some valuable points about how to sniff out potential frauds and protect your precious work.
These are just a few, but not all of the highlights of Predators and Editors warning page: (these items are borrowed from P & E at: )

Some General Rules for Spotting a Scam Publisher
  • The publisher claims that it's seeking to publish first-time authors.
  • Claims that the established publishers and published writers are trying to block new writers from being published.
  • When confronted with very low or non-existent sales, the publisher refuses to release the book from contract.
  • Its contracts contain provisions that prohibit complaints by its authors about its service and product.
  • Acceptances usually take place in less than a month. Even less than a week is not unusual.
  • Communications from the publisher are frequently unsigned by any individual using a department address so that no one can be pinned down as responsible for any comments made to the author.
  • The publisher never gives a direct answer to any direct questions. Instead, the publisher points to others who are satisfied with policy, procedures, contract, or sales as proof that everything is fine.
  • The publisher threatens to blacklist its authors within the industry should they mention leaving.

There is so much valuable information on this particular site, and there are tons of others. Authors that have fought their way through the trenches generously share the knowledge with all. Take advantage of it, that’s what it’s there for.

Before signing anything, read, read and re-read the fine print. Get legal counsel to determine if the contract is in your best interest. Take in all of the free information offered by others, writing tips, research, posts about warnings or highlights. The writing community is incredible and there for anyone who wants in.

Join reputable writing organizations such as the RWA. They have local chapters everywhere! And they can offer resources you wouldn't obtain on your own, lists of approved publishers and agents, etc.

No legitimate publisher will ever demand money upfront to publish you. Scammers will. Don’t pay a cent; you won’t see it again if you do.

One warning of my own I would like to offer, in almost every case, if you are approached and solicited by an anonymous publisher, editor or agent, that you have not queried, who wants to take you under their wing, despite no published works and no real experience, do the one thing I didn't – RUN AWAY! IT’S A SCAM.

These people troll the internet looking for their next victims. Often, the ones directly soliciting you, are merely the lackeys working for the big fraud, I wouldn't be surprised if most of them were trolling because they were duped into the promises of fame and fortune as well by finding the next Anne Rice or Stephen King. I hope some or all of this posting is of help to those in need. If we stick together, we can weed out the fraudulent publishers, and put an end to future writers being taken advantage of.

There is one more, really important point I want to comment on:

If you really want to pursue writing, do it because you love the art. Making a career out of writing is hard enough, if you don’t truly have the passion for it, you won’t last. Write because it’s a part of who you are, typing the words make you come to life. That’s the purest motivation that produces stories to live in the hearts and minds of readers. Those stories created through true inspiration, are the ones that will go down in history. 

When you do finish your story, you've done the edits, and it’s ready for submission, or even when it has been published, work on developing a thick skin. Every writer bares their sole when they put their work out there for readers, but that also opens us up to other feedback, some good, some bad. As long as you love what you’re doing, keep writing!   Never stop writing!

Happy Reading,

Kali Willows

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Notice of Severance and Reversion

Be it known, as of August 26, 2013, the license granted to Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing, to publish and offer for sale the books authored by Kali Willows, the Unconditional Love Series, book one; Wounded Spirits and book 2; Social Holly, is hereby rescinded, and full rights revert to the author. I, Kali Willows sever any association or legal ties with Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing.  

I now consider all rights with regard to said books as having been completely and fully returned to me from Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing. I declare, as of this date, I am the sole owner of all such rights, without any exceptions, to both books. 

I also declare, I have no further connections, legal, copyright or otherwise with Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing. I am not responsible in any way, legally or otherwise for any action on the part of Red Rose Publishing or Wendi Felter. 

Kali Willows

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Canadians are invading the 2013 Reading Road Trip!

On July 29, visit to find out how you can
WIN an #ebook package from 7 Canadian Romance Authors, including me! 

Here is the list of ebooks in the giveaway!!!

A Scandal at Vauxhall by Layna Pimentel
Game On by Wylie Snow
The Art of Love by Michelle Graham
Sweetest Salvation by Kacey Hammell
Lush, Bold and Beautiful by Jane Kent
Double Dragon Seduction by Kali Willows
Celestial Seduction by Jessica E. Subject
Unknown Futures by Jessica E. Subject

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

We are Honored and Excited to be a part of 
JoAnne Kenrick's Trailer Reveal!!!

Irish Kisses, the complete collection, is now available in PRINT.

A collection of five romances set in Bell's Irish Pub, each with its own special tasty treat served by the staff of Bell's. The 1Night Stand dating service shakes and stirs things up for Bell's. When Madame Eve puts two people together for just one night, anything is possible.... Throw in sexy cocktails and to-die-for Irish hotties, and it's a recipe for sweet Irish kisses and perhaps even wedding Bell's.
Can he win her over with his secret weapon, a Sweet Irish Kiss, or is Rachel still too scared to love?~SHAMROCKED~Will his Irish charm and toys be enough to hold onto his leading lady, or will his heart be Shamrocked into next week?
Is a dash of Threesome Sweetness the remedy each is looking for, or will the date leave a bitter aftertaste each will regret for the rest of their lives?
Can she hack it in the real world of romance, or are life's complications and treacherous snowstorms best left to the pages of a book?
Does she love him enough to leave the comforts of England? And is there something behind his sudden proposal?

More buylinks to follow - and you can order it direct from your book store
IBSN NUMBER: 1613335148

Or buy the ebooks separately


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Kali's Double Dragon Series continues to grow!
Dragon's Breath, the third instalment in the 1NS Double Dragon Series is
coming this fall!

The 1Night Stand dating service is at it again! Madame Evangeline steps in
the help the granddaughter of an old friend...

An immortal protector under a dark curse longs for the love of a single
woman, and a dragoness desperate to find a mate that can withstand her
fiery lineage, seek the help of Madame Eve through a 1 Night Stand.
Their biggest challenge? Sunrise.

Eternal suffering is the fate dealt to Roark Blackwell. A fierce protector
under a curse, he longs for a woman can never have. By day, a hideous stone
creature, and by night, a flesh and blood immortal, starving for the touch
of a single woman. After centuries of torment, he takes his destiny into
his own hands and seeks the help of Madame Evangeline. For a single night,
he wants to feed his carnal cravings, but what happens when morning comes?

Living dangerously comes second nature to Kaida Lee. Struggling with her
dark sexual appetite, her fiery temper and her ancient lineage makes
finding an ideal match impossible. A descendant of the dragon, she has a
genetic burden that no mere mortal could withstand. Having two cousins
succeed in romance with the aid of their friend Madame Eve, she seeks
satisfaction through the services of 1 Night Stand.


For your chance to win a copy of Double Dragon Seduction and Dragon Temptation, enter the rafflecopter !!!

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cover Reveal for Irish Kisses by: JoAnne Kenrick !!!!

Irish Kisses

Print edition

The boys from Bell's Irish Pub have been delivering tasty treats to digital readers around the globe, and hitting bestseller lists at Amazon, All Romance, and Bookstrand. And now, they're coming to PRINT!

A collection of five romances set in Bell's Irish Pub, each with its own special tasty treat served by the staff of Bell's. The 1Night Stand dating service shakes and stirs things up for Bell's. When Madame Eve puts two people together for just one night, anything is possible…. Throw in sexy cocktails and to-die-for Irish hotties, and it's a recipe for sweet Irish kisses and perhaps even wedding Bell's.

Can he win her over with his secret weapon, a Sweet Irish Kiss, or is Rachel still too scared to love?

Will his Irish charm and toys be enough to hold onto his leading lady, or will his heart be Shamrocked into next week?

Is a dash of Threesome Sweetness the remedy each is looking for, or will the date leave a bitter aftertaste each will regret for the rest of their lives?

Can she hack it in the real world of romance, or are life's complications and treacherous snowstorms best left to the pages of a book?

Does she love him enough to leave the comforts of England? And is there something behind his sudden proposal?

Cover Artist:

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kali Willows is having a Book Cover Reveal May 31st, looking for bloggers feature this new release!

Bloggers, readers and fellow authors, are you interested in featuring a cover reveal for the release of Dragon's Breath, by Kali Willows  on your blog or website? If so, here is the submission form :-)

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Decadent Publishing 

Today, We Welcome, Sheila Stewart !!!!

'A Buck A Book, Win A Nook'

Thank you, Sheila, for visiting us today, on Between Moonlit Covers,
 to talk about your book I absolutely adored:

The Naughty Angel


From Sheila:
As part of the Decadent A Buck a Book Win a Nook Giveaway. I was asked to interview myself. Instead I’m switching it up. I’m sure you are as tired of the same old questions as I am at answering them so here are some weird ones I found online.
Want to win the Nook? Check details below.

Does your butt get sore when you sit for hours and write?

Yep, it sure does, but it helps to keep moving and changing positions.

If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what would you want?

Now I wasn’t sure if they were asking what I would desire, or what position I would like on their planet so I’ll answer them both.

What would I most desire?

Chocolate.  You thought I was going to answer something like endless money or health and happiness but that’s boring.

What position would I want on their planet?

Sixty Nine. Yep, I said it, get over it. LOL

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

The Mad Homemaker.

If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender how would you get out?

Seriously, a pencil? Okay, if I were the size of a pencil I would climb up on the blades and keep jumping until I could reach the top and grab hold. Also, I would pray no one turned the blender on.
If you woke up one morning to find everyone had disappeared, what is the first thing you would do?
Go on a shopping spree.
Now here is a glimpse at The Naughty Angel which is being sold for only a dollar so hurry and get yours now.
Even the good turn bad sometimes.

A life of servitude to God has left Ariel Raine feeling worn out. Being an Angel isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Day in and day out of the same routine tends to get tedious. Wanting some spice in her life, she sets her mind on discovering the allure of a sexual encounter. With the help of Madam Eve and her 1 Night Stand dating services, Ariel is about to have her world rocked.

Only problem is…her match is a demon.

Edison Grey has relied on dating services to claim minions for not only him, but for his master Satan as well. 1 Night Stand just happens to be this week’s preference. No use wasting a good service, Edison decides to have a little fun while he’s at it.

Stripping an angel of her purity is an added bonus.

What happens between Ariel and Edison is a surprise to both. Even with the threat of punishment looming over top of them.
Follow all the authors participating in the Buck a Book Win a Nook contest with Decadent publishing. Remember to leave a comment to be eligible for the contest.
Let’s try something fun. Pick one of the questions above and answer it. I’m curious as to what you would say.

Thanks once again, Sheila, it was a pleasure, and an honor to have you join us today :-)

Readers, don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win, and check out this link to follow other Decadent Authors for more chances to win!!! 

Participating Authors:
Awaken the Demon--Shiela Stewart 
The Naughty Angel-- Shiela Stewart
Daughter of Lust--Ann Mayburn
Amber Moon--Ann Mayburn
Night With a Dom--Casea Major
White Wedding--Ursula Sinclair
Something Blue--Ursula Sinclair
Last Request--Arlene Webb
Falling For Water--Arlene Webb
The One he Chose--Wendy Burke
Respite- Wendy Burke
Senator Mine--Kerry Adrienne

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Margay Leah Justice: Book Tour and Giveaway: Tantric 'Storm by Kali Wil...

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Cherry Lemonade: Tantric Storm Book Review and Giveaway!

Cherry Lemonade: Tantric Storm Book Review and Giveaway!: --> Title: Tantric Storm Series: 1 Night Stand Author: Kali Willows Genre: Paranormal, Interracial Romance, Erotic, ...

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1 Night Stand: Hot ‘N’ Sultry Savannah

1 Night Stand: Hot ‘N’ Sultry Savannah: Buy Savannah's Ghost Tale HERE By Kali Willows To celebrate the arrival of the warm weather, FINALLY, this Canadian gal, decid...

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Kali will be participating in TWO LIPS REVIEWS - RT Stay at home party

April 29-May 6, 2013

For those of us not able to attend Romantic Times Convention this year, we are bringing the party to you! Stop by to win prizes!


Coming May 13-14, 2013
Tantric Storm Blog Tour


Now Available:
1NS Book Bundle for Kali Willow's 
Shadowed Desires Anthology

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Friday, 15 February 2013

1 Night Stand: A Hot Date & Then Some!

1 Night Stand: A Hot Date & Then Some!: Buy Tantric Storm HERE By: Kali Willows My very first 1NS story released was a contemporary, erotic romance called DesigningPassion ...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

  Welcome to author Cassandra Dean 

Here today for a personal interview, sneak peek at her newest release and a giveaway to boot!

          Q: Welcome Cassandra! Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself and the books you write?

A: Hi Kali! Thank you so much for having me J

I’d love to tell your readers a little bit about myself. I predominantly write historical romance, visiting such eras as Ancient Rome, Victorian England and the American Wild West! I’ve also written a couple of short contemporaries, just for something different, and have plans to write a steampunk series. So…yeah. I like to jump around a bit!

I’m from South Australia, love a cheeky Shiraz from the Coonawarra (a South Australian wine region) and enjoy cameras, of both the digital and film variety. I had about 14 at last count.
     Q: Why exactly did you decide to write in the historical romance genre?

A: Ohhh, a tough question. I don’t think it was a concrete decision. I think it was just because that’s predominantly what I read. I do love reading our romantic view of times gone by, of corsets and manners and men in a tailored coat. I guess it’s almost like a fantastical world, one that’s been idealized and is so strange and different from our own. What’s not to love? ;p

      Q: What other genres have you tried and what is the best fit for your muse?

A: Horror. I’ve tried horror. What a mistake *shudder*

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve written some short contemporary tales, one being a contribution to Smut in the City entitled ‘Glory Box’ and another in an upcoming Medical Romance anthology, but I don’t think I’ll ever write a full length contemporary story. And that Steampunk series…I’d love to get to that this year, so cross your fingers and toes for me, lovely readers J

      Q: What would you describe as your toughest challenge on the way to becoming a published author?

A: Persevering. Oh my lord, it’s so hard to get back up and submit AGAIN after your latest rejection. It’s very, very rare to be accepted on the first submission, and I’m sure if you ask any author, they have horror stories of the road to that first acceptance.

      Q: What has been the most exciting experience for you as an author and why?

A: Getting to hold my first print book! A book I wrote! With words!

My books are mostly ebooks, but TEACH ME is long enough to be put to print. It was a great and awesome feeling to receive the box containing my pretties in the mail, to open it, to hold them in my hands, to hug them to my bosom. Oh. So wonderful.
I hope to feel it again real soon J 

       Q: What do you think are the most important components to writing good romance?

 A: Emotional resonance. The reader has to experience what the characters are experience, to cry when they cry, to laugh when they laugh. If you can wrench the heart out of your reader and then follow it up with an unexpected bark of laughter, they’ll love you for it!

I like to paraphrase my writing god, Mr Joss Whedon – give your audience what they need, not what they want. I think this is especially true with a romance.

       Q:  Tell me about your writing process. Are you a plotter or do you outline and keep to your first vision or your story, or do you write as you go, by the seat of your pants?

A: I like to do a bit of both. I’ll have a think about the story, plot it out very broadly, and then start each scene with a brief paragraph or two about what needs to happen in that scene. The paragraphs are very free form, basically just me asking myself what needs to happen.

Of course, if I’m going off on a tangent and it’s a really interesting one, I’m not going to stop the brain from where it wants to go!

It’s a bit hodgepodge but it seems to work, and that’s the main thing J

      Q: Are you currently working on anything new at the moment? If so, can you tell us a little about it?

A: I’ve just finished a contemporary medical romance for an anthology. I’m also working on edits for Silk & Scandal, my upcoming release with Decadent Publishing.

Book 1 of The Silk Series, Silk & Scandal features barrister Thomas Cartwright, who is a newly elected Member of Parliament. His plans for a calm, staid life are interrupted when scandal-riddled Lady Nicola Fitzgibbons crashes back into it. Hijinks, as they say, ensue.

      Q: If you could travel into one of the worlds you have created in your stories, which one would it be, and why?

A: Oh man, another toughie! Um…I reckon it would be pretty cool to see Victorian London, with its mix of industry and the occult. Awesome, exciting times!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with your readers?

 A: Cheese naan is really delicious. Seriously, peeps, if you find a restaurant that makes a good one, hold it forever close to your bosom :D

Also, FOOL’S GOLD is available at the following e-stores:

But wait, there’s more: ROUGH DIAMOND, book 1 in The Diamond Series, is $1.99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble – that’s 50% off! Be quick, though, this price is strictly for a limited time only.


Comment below, let me know your thoughts on Westerns, and you’ll go in the running to win a signed  FOOL’S GOLD postcard and FOOL’S GOLD magnet. Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact you should you win. Good luck!

Thank you for joining us at Between Moonlit Covers Cassandra!

Thank you for having me!

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* The small print: Comment before midnight on  31 January 2013 (Australian Central Daylight Time) to be entered to win one (1) signed FOOL’S GOLD postcard and one (1) FOOL’S GOLD magnet. Winner will be selected via, with winner’s name posted in the comments of this blog post within three days of the close of the giveaway. Cassandra will also contact the winner by e-mail; the winner will be required to reply with their postal address so Cassandra can send the prize to them.
Only one entry per ISP address. Entrants must be over 18 years of age. By entering, you agree Cassandra can use your name when announcing the winner if you should win. If potential prize winner forfeits or does not claim the prize, prize will be re-awarded, in Sponsor’s sole discretion. All prizes will be awarded. International entries are welcome. No purchase necessary to enter. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Void where prohibited by law.


Christmas Eve, the Diamond Saloon is empty of its people, and Pearl la Monte has a hankering to retire early. A pounding at the Diamond’s door rids her of such a fool notion. Her irritation rises when she sees the prissy, polite-like Garrett standing outside.

Ethan Garrett has a powerful need to gain succor. When the saloon’s voluptuous redheaded singer scowls at him from the threshold of the Diamond, he doesn't stop to think on how his ire at her has disappeared. Or how he just wants to spend some time in her company.

When a blizzard storms in, trapping them, will they spend their time arguing or find their irritation for each other disguises something more?


Turning on her heel, Pearl marched off toward the stairs.
A weird kind of panic jolted through Ethan, one he’d never felt before in all his days. It was…he didn’t…. She couldn’t leave him. “Where are you going?”
She whirled to face him, her irritation plain. “I was seeking my bed before your arrival, and now I’m seeking it again. Help yourself to whiskey this one time. I got better things to do.”
Shoving to his feet, he strode to her. “Don’t just walk away when we’re discussing things.”
“We ain’t discussing nothing. You’ll be down here, waiting out the blizzard. I’ll be in my bed, doing what I was gonna before you arrived. That’s the end of it.”
Taking a step, she made to leave him. Again.
He grabbed her arm. “Don’t leave me.”
“Don’t tell me what to do.” Glaring at him, she stood before the bar, her magnificent hair slipping from its pins, her breasts rising and falling.
Abruptly, his mouth went dry. Clearing his throat some, he said, “You’re supposed to offer succor to those in need.”
“We’re closed, remember?” Paint-less lips pressed tight together, she glared up at him.
They were so close he could see the faint marks of freckles on her skin.
Pearl La Monte had freckles.
A kind of haze came over him, tightening his skin and bringing with it something all-fired powerful and completely unstoppable. All the years he’d known her crashed through him, all the times she’d flirted with him and meant something else, all the times he’d seen her perform on stage and wished he could have held such fire.
Grabbing her upper arms, he hauled her against him and, ignoring her shocked gasp, he covered her mouth with his.

So, Who is Cassandra Dean?

Cassandra grew up daydreaming, inventing fantastical worlds and marvelous adventures. Once she learned to read (First phrase – To the Beach. True story), she was never without a book, reading of other people’s fantastical worlds and marvelous adventures.
Fairy tales, Famous Fives, fantasies and fancies; horror stories, gumshoe detectives, science fiction; Cassandra read it all. Then she discovered Romance and a true passion was born.
So, once upon a time, after making a slight detour into the world of finance, Cassandra tried her hand at writing. After a brief foray into horror, she couldn’t discount her true passion. She started to write Romance and fell head over heels.
The love affair exists to this very day.
Cassandra lives in Adelaide, South Australia.