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Welcome to Deena Remiel, thank you so much for joining us on your action packed blog tour!
1.      Tell us, what inspired the Book Waitress series? It’s making huge waves with the paranormal readers and they are dying to know what to expect next in this remarkable 13 part novella series.
 A.    I’ve always loved the paranormal TV series of Buffy, Angel, and Charmed. I wanted to write a series that paid homage to them and yet retained a unique flavor unto itself. Readers can expect a lot of suspense, paranormal activity, demonic pleasures, and… love.
 2.      Camille and Derek are so powerfully written, they virtually come to life on the pages, how did these characters evolve for you?
A.    I love these two! I wanted two very quirky, unsuspecting people who would become embroiled in sinister plots and a quest to end Satan’s terror. Their personalities allow them to grow exponentially throughout the series. Camille and Derek have to be multi-dimensional. There’s so much darkness that they need to be able to experience all sorts of emotions. And humor is huge! There must be a place and time to take a breath for the readers as well as our hero and heroine.
 3.      Most readers are often taken in by the appeal of the strength and virtue of the hero. You have created a villain who is extremely, cold, callous and exotic. Victor was well written, with a sexually intense quality about him, how do you find you are driven to write such dark and appealing evil?

A.    Wow! Victor has really attracted quite an audience! I had no idea he’d be so magnetic to my readers. I just knew he needed to give people the shivers with his matter-of-fact way he worked evil. Who would suspect a man held in such high regard as the leader of a cult and in bed with the devil? I figure, if I’m creeped out by the story and dialogue, then you as a reader will be, too. That’s a good thing. J
 4.      One of your reviews, a reader commented on how detailed some dark moments are written, specifically, the “bad things” some people do, as opposed to the paranormal aspects of the story. Can you share with us, how the process of writing those pivotal scenes impacted you?
 A.    I know that there are people in this world that have done terrible, horrific things to others. We see it and hear about it on the news every day. What I’ve done here is provide the lead-up, the event, and the motivation behind these dark moments. These scenes are exhausting to write because I review and revise over and over until it’s exactly the way I want it. I’ve been known to shake my head, mumble, and gasp while writing and rereading. My family ignores me at this point. J
5.      You write typically in the paranormal genre with a strong theme of good vs. evil, angels, demons, and of course, the almighty Satan. Can you describe the appeal that inspires you with your stories?
A.    I grew up believing there is good in everyone. I still believe that. However, I am not blind to the atrocities against the human race that continue to surface. If anything I am too aware of them. So I do believe, as well, that there is evil on this earth, as well. In the real world, many times I see evil worming its way into society and there is no push back from the good around us. In my stories, the good shall always be the victor. Now, that’s not to say there isn’t a lot of crap to wade through to get that win, but in real life, sometimes it’s not so apparent that the good people in this world come out the victor. So, in my stories I like to instill hope that all is not lost. The good shall remain sovereign no matter what evils are thrown at us.
 6.      From the first sentence, and non-stop until the last, I didn’t want to stop reading Devil De Jour, your writing is exquisite. Can you tell us how you manage to keep the momentum of action packed suspense and intrigue throughout your entire book (s)?
 A.    Thank you so much, Kali! Your words are going straight onto my inspiration wall! From a very technical angle, I try to make sure that each chapter has a pivotal moment in it. I try to treat each one as though they were mini stories that have a beginning, middle, and end with all the highs and lows that come along with that structure. But I’m not a plotter, so I must confess to really letting the story tell itself through me. I’m just here to make sure those suspenseful moments and those action-packed moments come across clearly and the way they are intended to be received.
 7.      Deena, readers describe your books as filled with suspense, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and one review noted, she shouldn’t have read it before bed, it had her mind racing J  Can you enlighten us on how you have developed your writing for suspense in paranormal, and would you have any advice to offer aspiring authors?
A.    I grew up reading Robert Ludlum and now I LOVE to read romantic suspense novels. My favorite authors for this genre are Linda Howard, Karen Rose, Elizabeth Lowell, and Allison Brennan. Rather than studying how to write from a stuffy textbook, I study my favorite authors. I use their books as mentor texts. When it comes to suspense, I enjoy having multiple threads woven into the storyline. For example, in Devil Du Jour, there are a few threads that are introduced that are not resolved by the end of the story. They shall be seen and dealt with again in Demon a la Mode. So keeping issues unresolved until it makes sense to deal with them is a great way to keep the tension going. It doesn’t make sense to resolve those vignettes right away because they all lead up to some big cataclysmic event further along in the BIG story.  Creating suspenseful characters is another way to build tension. That’s why I enjoy writing my villains so much. I love to create ones that on the surface, to all other people, they appear normal, but to us, the reader, we know better, and we get to watch mayhem unfold.
 8.      I could asks dozens more questions, but I recognize your readers will be eager to get the next letter on your blog tour and piece together your mysterious message for a chance to win your prize, my last question is; what is your long-term writing ambition? Where do you see yourself in 3, 5 and 10 years from now?
 A.    First, I’m so excited for folks to join in this fun letter game! All the collected letters create a sentence, so when you know what the sentence is and email me, I WILL SEND YOU A GIFT! And everyone who emails me is in the running for the Gift Card!
I decided that along with the recipe card, I will pick from that pool of entries at random to receive a $20 Amazon or B&N gift card.
As for my writing goals, I see myself writing full-time in three years, if not sooner. I want to continue writing books for The Brethren Series, with a spin-off. The Book Waitress will be over in 13 parts, so I see myself cultivating ancillary material for that series. Other series have popped up in my mind and I’ve begun those, though they haven’t been released yet. I see myself writing until my mind can’t think up one more story to tell. I’m confident that won’t happen for a VERY long time! J
 Thank you for joining us today Deena, I look forward to the next book in the Book Waitress series, you are an incredible author, and I am so pleased to have the chance to pick your remarkably gifted brain.
Kali, thank you so much for hosting my blog tour, and for these FABULOUS questions! Let’s continue our conversation over some coffee and pastries…

Now, details of Deena’s contest:

DIRECTIONS FOR READERS: Each stop on the DEVIL DU JOUR Blog Tour will have a letter to collect. After collecting all 13 letters, put them all together to create a sentence! Email me what the sentence says and I’ll email you back with a special gift!
Kali’s Letter of the day……………drum roll please………………….
 Did you know…The Book Waitress is FREE and the first book, as one book picks up exactly where the other leaves off. :)
Devil Du Jour Blurb
The Book Waitress, Camille Dutton, has luck on her side. Good and bad. On the upside, she narrowly escaped death and Satan claiming her soul. On the downside, a portal has been opened, and she can feel every time a creature from Hell crosses over to our world.
Derek Galloway is one tenacious man. His curious nature won’t let him rest until he closes Hell’s portal and finds a cure for Camille’s affliction. Satan will have one helluva fight on his hands if he tries to claim her again.
Camille and Derek, an unlikely couple, have found each other in the darkest of times. Will they find the answers they need to free her and the world from Satan’s grip? Or are they in for the longest, darkest battle of their lives?

Here are the buy links for Devil De Jour:


HERE'S the buy link for BW on AMAZON:

For more information on Deena Remiel, see the following links!
Deena Remiel
Serving up evil, and oh, so good...
May 31st, 2013 - Arizona's 3rd Annual Romance Reader Event!

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1 Night Stand: Trick or Fiery Treat?

Stop by and comment for a chance to win a treat of your choice!

Happy Halloween !!!

1 Night Stand: Trick or Fiery Treat?: Buy Dragon Temptation HERE by Kali Willows Anyone who knows me is aware that Halloween is my most absolute favourite time of the y...

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Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Tour, October 11 - 31, 2012 !!!!


Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Blog Tour
Trick or Treat
Gawd the Heat
Book Boyfriends are mental-sweets!
The word in the photo is your “treat”! Make sure you keep it in a safe place. “Visit” the Road to Hell series ( tomorrow, and each day thereafter, to find the next “treat”! The Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Blog Tour ends October 31st and on Halloween you’ll return to the Road to Hellseries blog and receive your final word. Here’s the “trick”—you’ll have to arrange all the words you’ve received each day into a sentence and then provide the sentence in the rafflecopter provided. New entries will be added to the rafflecopter each day so be sure to check back at the Road to Hell series every day to increase your chances of winning!

For My Tour Blog... I have some exciting news to share!
Dragon Temptation, my 6th 1Night Stand book, is releasing on HALLOWEEN !!!
In the 1Night Stand Series, I continue to get strung along by my highly addicted muse! Each time, I complete, submit and contract a story, I think: Great! Now I can get back to my three other WIP & finally get them completed! But alas, the little vixen did it again. I do have to admit, it could have something to do with my latest sub-genre I have become obsessed with Dragons.
For fans of my fiery ménage romance, of super yummy parahuman twins & a divorcee with a tricky twist of her own in: Double Dragon Seduction, there is a sequel to this sizzling tale!
Without giving too much away, there is a destination wedding, in an exotic land, one of the twins is getting hitched, and the other…is in need of Madame Evangeline’s mystical match making help.

                       Dragon Temptation is coming out on Halloween!


Cindy Dunham has become sexually emaciated, after a long dry spell and no prospect of romance in her near future. With her best friend’s upcoming wedding, loneliness is taking the lead, and she is starving for erotic rhapsody. The prospect of a blind date for the nuptials is embarrassing, but a necessary evil. The match Madame Evangeline finds for her leaves her reeling with conflict and jealousy. Will she ever get her carnal hunger gratified?


Yong Li, is no longer satisfied being the third wheel in his brother’s love life. Desperate to branch out and have an experience all his own, he is fraught with his ancient affliction that runs interference with the prospect of any normal relationship. Having had a life altering 1 Night Stand before, he seeks the help of his old friend, Madame Eve to find a new mate just for him.


“What is this place?”

“It’s a hot springs cave.”

“A cave? Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Not when you’re with me, I’ll keep you safe, I promise.” The warmth of his smile melted the last of her cold exterior.

More solar lights illuminated the path to their destination. Although hesitant, she didn’t resist when he led her to the rocky archway. The exquisite aroma of the jasmine flowers clustered along the walls of the entrance lingered about them.

“It’s for the exclusive use of villa guests so….”


“Since the reception is still going, I don’t think we’ll be interrupted.”

“Oh,” a shiver of excitement ran through her. Another chance of getting caught.

“There are some wrought iron torches along the stone walls.” Yong patted his pocketless jacket. “No matches.”

“I don’t have anything,” Cindy stopped. She wouldn’t follow even him into the blackness ahead. “I left my bag in my room, we’ll have to go back, we can’t see inside.”

“Hey, it’s no problem, I got it.” Yong stood close to the torch and blew on the wick. The glow emanating from his pursed lips ignited the lamp.

A surge of amazement rushed through her. “Oh, right, the dragon thing. Gwen told me all about it.”

“Hope it doesn’t freak you out.” Yong walked to the next one and repeated his magic.

“Not at all, actually, the first time I saw it was the night Gwen lost it on her ex. Then, I was freaked out, but it was like she was in a trance, and her eyes were….”



“Yeah, that’s when the anger takes over. It’s like your body goes on autopilot. So, you’re okay with this then?” He leaned in to light another one.

“The way tonight is going; it’s just one more amazing thing.”

Yong took her hand and they went deeper into the tunnel.

A surprising sensation filled her palm. “Hey, your skin is getting hot.”

“Part of the parahuman lighter trick, I’m afraid. It’ll go back to normal in a few minutes.”

To celebrate my upcoming release, I would love to give away a copy of Double Dragon Seduction to get you warmed up for this steamy tale.
What I want to know is what paranormal creatures intrigue you the most? Are you hot for dragons? Are you dying to be seduced by a vampire? Do gargoyle’s bring out your dark longings? Tell me what your supernatural cravings are!
 Happy Haunting, Happy Reading, Happy Halloween!!!
Kali Willows
 Here is the Rafflecopter, don't forget to enter for your chance to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tour dates are:

11th Gracen Miller – Road to Hell series

12th TskTsk What to Read

13th Donya Lynne

14th Jennilinh Dinh - Bitten by Love

15th Sabrina Ford

16th Paranormal Book Club

17th Nicole Hicks

18th Christina Irelan – Intoxicated by Books

19th Paranormal Reads

20th Deena Remiel

21st Mindy Janicke – Forbidden Reviews

22nd Kristina Haecker – Kristina’s Books and More

23rd JoAnne Kenrick 

24th Olivia Starke

25th Tawnya Peltonen – One More Chapter

26th Kali Willows

27th Delphina Reads Too Much

28th Ann Mayburn

29th Lindsey Hutchison – United by Books

30th Andrea Kozari – The Secret Sanctuary of Books

31st Gracen Miller – Road to Hell series

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"The Naughty Author Super Villain"

Every year, one of my dearest friends has a Halloween bash. Halloween is, after all, our most FAVORITE time of the year. (That can’t possibly have anything to do with my desperate drive to write paranormal…right?...uh hem.)

This year, she pulled a dirty trick! She made it a theme costume party. Normally, I’m all for theme parties, at least, when I’m planning them. This year, she made it a “Super hero / villain” costume party.”

Most would think, easy enough, right? For me, being the wacky author that I am, I’m not satisfied with being a super hero / heroine everyone knows. In fact, my muse got the best of me! So, my thought process brought me to the conclusion, it has to speak to my paranormal, erotic romance books, it has to be dark and mysterious with a hint of danger, clever, intriguing, and yet, simple enough that I won’t be spending the entire evening repetitively explaining to ever passer-by what my costume actually is.

I decided, this year, I will be: “The Naughty Author Super Villain.” (And YES, I’m coining the phrase right here at this moment!) Now, mind you I do have a few clever and unique ideas twirling around in my twisted little mind to make this costume workable, but…. I’m not completely inspired just yet.

I want you to tell me, what exactly do you envision a Naughty Author Super Villain to look like?  Here are a few ideas I had and a picture that kinda fit the profile…but it’s missing something: (of course, the Naughty Author Super Villain’s most valuable weapon will have to be a quill pen loaded with scarlet red ink and parchment book, right?)


          Tell me your clever ideas, and the answer that agrees most with my muse will win a copy of my Damnation & Desire 1NS story, or , Savannah’s Ghost Tale (your choice)


Happy Haunting, Happy Halloween & Happy Reading,


Kali Willows

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Daily Dose of Decadence: Dragon-Lover, Once Removed

Stop by & comment for a chance to win a book!

Daily Dose of Decadence: Dragon-Lover, Once Removed: by Kali Willows   In the 1Night Stand Series, I continue to get strung along by my highly addicted muse! Each time, I complete, su...

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Blue Moon Or Magical Inspiration?


August 31, 2012, is a magical day!

It's a Blue Moon~

In honor of this magical event, I'm posting about the magnificent effects of the Blue Moon.
The term "blue moon" is defined as the second full moon occurring within a single month. A full lunar cycle is a little over 28 days long. However, a calendar year is more than that, which means that during some years, you may end up with thirteen full moons instead of twelve. This happens only about every two and a half years.
The full Moon Friday night, in all likelihood won't look than any other full Moon. But the Moon can change color in certain conditions: such as after forest fires or volcanic eruptions,
 the Moon can appear to take on a bluish or even lavender hue.
Soot and ash particles, deposited high in the Earth's atmosphere can sometimes
make the Moon appear bluish.

Now, what is the magical significance you ask?

Well, my character Tessa Latchford from Damnation & Desire,
who is a third generation Wiccan Witch, might suggest it would enhance the power of her spellcrafting 10 fold, as opposed to any other full moon!
The Blue Moon is considered to be the reflection of the Full Moon in the Otherwolds.
How do you like to celebrate the magic of a Blue Moon?
Comment for a chance to win a copy of Damnation & Desire!
A winner will be chosen after the Blue Moon, Saturday morning.
Be sure to leave your email address so we can send your free copy!
Happy Reading,
Kali Willows


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eBook giveaway today !!!!

I'm blogging about my print release today at 1NS, stop by and comment for a chance to win! I want to know what Swag people are interested in and what they're not!

Monday, 13 August 2012


Coming October 31, 2012 !!!

Tantric Storm

Another 1NS by Kali Willows


Therapist Laura Wellington is eager to end her sexual dry spell. Her skill of helping couples achieve personal happiness is illusive in her own life. She jets off to a small island in Spain for a spectacular night of mind-blowing pleasure through the services of 1NS, but her match has a challenge that might make her goal unreachable.

Declan Tempest hasn’t had a climax in years. Not because he can’t, but because he won’t; his dire fear for the consequences of fulfillment deter him. Declan turns to the aid of Madame Eve to create a match that can allow him the satisfaction he desperately needs, despite the challenge he deems a dark curse.


“Wait a second; you’re saying you could tell things about me just by looking?”

“Yes, I can,” she smirked.

“Okay,” He challenged. “Give it your best shot.” Declan stood face to face with her.

“Well, let’s see,” she folded her arms and put on her assessment cap. “You dressed in casual attire, so you wanted to appear relaxed and confident for our date, but you’re particular about your clothing; silk, white, button down shirt, the first few buttons are open, and chimo dress pants, so you aren’t uptight, but still somewhat conservative.”

Declan arched his brows. “Go on.”

“You shave your head, but from the looks of your five o’clock shadow, it’s more for convenience, rather than esthetics, you have a solid build, but wear loose clothing. You don’t go out of your way to show your defined muscles, but you have an exceptionally competitive nature. I would say, you’re a professional athlete, a full contact sport of some kind.”

“Wow.” He nodded, and waited for more.

“You’re engaging and kind. The thin detailed line of facial hair that frames your jaw, suggests to me you like to have some mystery and can be a very private person, but you don’t hide. If people ask your opinion, you’re honest and open, sometimes more than you intend to be.”

“You’re good.”

“It’s a gift, what can I say?”

“I’m speechless.”

“Do you want to try and figure me out?” Taunting a little, she was curious about his perception of her.

“Sure, I may not be as good at it as you are, but I’ll give it a try.”

“Ready.” Laura dropped her arms to her side and lifted her chin with a smile.

“Let’s see, you’re sweet, intelligent, and sexy as hell.”

Laura covered her mouth and stifled a giggle. “Be serious.”

“I am.” Declan reached up and smoothed a stray tress of hair back from her cheek. His touch stirred something deep inside.

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Shadowed Desires is now available for purchase!

Kali Willows Print Anthology

is now available for purchase on Amazon

Shadowed Desires buy link

An anthology of Kali's 1NS stories

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READERS: Tell me what YOU want!!!


Readers, I need your input!

I have to admit, as an author, I have been a little lax in sending out or even making swag for my readers,


The reason is, I'm never quite sure what readers want, prefer, or are just plain tired of....
So to solve this dilemma, I created an online survey so the readers can TELL ME what they want!

Please take a moment, and weigh in on what SWAG you would love to win!

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Kali's Doing a Radio Interview & Book Giveaway!!!

Kali will be interviewed on a local radio station:

95.5 Hits FM

Friday, July 27

 at 8:10 am


or see their blog at: Mark & Ingrid 95.5 Hits FM Blog

She will be discussing Erotic Romance and the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon !!!

 Tune in to 95.5 Hits FM (Belleville Ontario, Canada)


Kali will also be doing a blog book giveaway....

All you have to do is comment below on this post to be entered!

In your comments; let Kali know which book you would like to win:

Terminal Lust,        or        Double Dragon Seduction,

Please include your; name, email address & the format you want your Prize in!



She just can help herself, she is also doing:

ANOTHER Amazon Kindle Giveaway this weekend!!!


Friday July 27, 2012 - ONLY

You can download a FREE Kindle version of:


Savannah's Ghost Tale          Damnation & Desire


On These Dates, you can download a

FREE Kindle Version of Designing Passion

 Friday July 27 - Saturday July 29 (until Midnight)




Author Laci Paige

Decadent novella :  "Let's Keep On Truckin'"

Giveaway for Truckin' ends Sunday July 29th.

Link for giveaway:



Kate Richards