Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blue Moon Or Magical Inspiration?


August 31, 2012, is a magical day!

It's a Blue Moon~

In honor of this magical event, I'm posting about the magnificent effects of the Blue Moon.
The term "blue moon" is defined as the second full moon occurring within a single month. A full lunar cycle is a little over 28 days long. However, a calendar year is more than that, which means that during some years, you may end up with thirteen full moons instead of twelve. This happens only about every two and a half years.
The full Moon Friday night, in all likelihood won't look than any other full Moon. But the Moon can change color in certain conditions: such as after forest fires or volcanic eruptions,
 the Moon can appear to take on a bluish or even lavender hue.
Soot and ash particles, deposited high in the Earth's atmosphere can sometimes
make the Moon appear bluish.

Now, what is the magical significance you ask?

Well, my character Tessa Latchford from Damnation & Desire,
who is a third generation Wiccan Witch, might suggest it would enhance the power of her spellcrafting 10 fold, as opposed to any other full moon!
The Blue Moon is considered to be the reflection of the Full Moon in the Otherwolds.
How do you like to celebrate the magic of a Blue Moon?
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Happy Reading,
Kali Willows


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

eBook giveaway today !!!!

I'm blogging about my print release today at 1NS, stop by and comment for a chance to win! I want to know what Swag people are interested in and what they're not!

Monday, 13 August 2012


Coming October 31, 2012 !!!

Tantric Storm

Another 1NS by Kali Willows


Therapist Laura Wellington is eager to end her sexual dry spell. Her skill of helping couples achieve personal happiness is illusive in her own life. She jets off to a small island in Spain for a spectacular night of mind-blowing pleasure through the services of 1NS, but her match has a challenge that might make her goal unreachable.

Declan Tempest hasn’t had a climax in years. Not because he can’t, but because he won’t; his dire fear for the consequences of fulfillment deter him. Declan turns to the aid of Madame Eve to create a match that can allow him the satisfaction he desperately needs, despite the challenge he deems a dark curse.


“Wait a second; you’re saying you could tell things about me just by looking?”

“Yes, I can,” she smirked.

“Okay,” He challenged. “Give it your best shot.” Declan stood face to face with her.

“Well, let’s see,” she folded her arms and put on her assessment cap. “You dressed in casual attire, so you wanted to appear relaxed and confident for our date, but you’re particular about your clothing; silk, white, button down shirt, the first few buttons are open, and chimo dress pants, so you aren’t uptight, but still somewhat conservative.”

Declan arched his brows. “Go on.”

“You shave your head, but from the looks of your five o’clock shadow, it’s more for convenience, rather than esthetics, you have a solid build, but wear loose clothing. You don’t go out of your way to show your defined muscles, but you have an exceptionally competitive nature. I would say, you’re a professional athlete, a full contact sport of some kind.”

“Wow.” He nodded, and waited for more.

“You’re engaging and kind. The thin detailed line of facial hair that frames your jaw, suggests to me you like to have some mystery and can be a very private person, but you don’t hide. If people ask your opinion, you’re honest and open, sometimes more than you intend to be.”

“You’re good.”

“It’s a gift, what can I say?”

“I’m speechless.”

“Do you want to try and figure me out?” Taunting a little, she was curious about his perception of her.

“Sure, I may not be as good at it as you are, but I’ll give it a try.”

“Ready.” Laura dropped her arms to her side and lifted her chin with a smile.

“Let’s see, you’re sweet, intelligent, and sexy as hell.”

Laura covered her mouth and stifled a giggle. “Be serious.”

“I am.” Declan reached up and smoothed a stray tress of hair back from her cheek. His touch stirred something deep inside.