Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"The Naughty Author Super Villain"

Every year, one of my dearest friends has a Halloween bash. Halloween is, after all, our most FAVORITE time of the year. (That can’t possibly have anything to do with my desperate drive to write paranormal…right?...uh hem.)

This year, she pulled a dirty trick! She made it a theme costume party. Normally, I’m all for theme parties, at least, when I’m planning them. This year, she made it a “Super hero / villain” costume party.”

Most would think, easy enough, right? For me, being the wacky author that I am, I’m not satisfied with being a super hero / heroine everyone knows. In fact, my muse got the best of me! So, my thought process brought me to the conclusion, it has to speak to my paranormal, erotic romance books, it has to be dark and mysterious with a hint of danger, clever, intriguing, and yet, simple enough that I won’t be spending the entire evening repetitively explaining to ever passer-by what my costume actually is.

I decided, this year, I will be: “The Naughty Author Super Villain.” (And YES, I’m coining the phrase right here at this moment!) Now, mind you I do have a few clever and unique ideas twirling around in my twisted little mind to make this costume workable, but…. I’m not completely inspired just yet.

I want you to tell me, what exactly do you envision a Naughty Author Super Villain to look like?  Here are a few ideas I had and a picture that kinda fit the profile…but it’s missing something: (of course, the Naughty Author Super Villain’s most valuable weapon will have to be a quill pen loaded with scarlet red ink and parchment book, right?)


          Tell me your clever ideas, and the answer that agrees most with my muse will win a copy of my Damnation & Desire 1NS story, or , Savannah’s Ghost Tale (your choice)


Happy Haunting, Happy Halloween & Happy Reading,


Kali Willows

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